Herbin’ Ranch Dip Reprise! YUM!!

I love when you come to dishes you haven’t made in so long and get to enjoy them all over again. I haven’t made this dip in a year and a half and it was so nice to come back to it! Plus if you add some extra oil/water you get dressing for lots of salads too 🙂 So handy! I also love that you can make Raw and Vegan Super Creamy Dips! So awesome!

I made this for our wonderful Surprise Birthday Party for my Dear and Beloved Teacher, Phil! I also made the yummy Vegan chopped liver. I usually make the chopped liver for Passover but since it is so addictively amazing I might start making it year round. YUM! Break out the crudité and enjoy both of these fun dips!!!

Here is the link to the dip: Herbin’ Ranch Dip

All packed and ready to go to the party 🙂

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