I am grateful to have found my first teacher whose guidance, love and energy awakened my inner luminosity. Humbled and inspired by how meaningful my yoga practice is in my life, I have a strong desire to share this practice with others.

I received my 200-hour Vinyasa Certification at Sonic Yoga. I then went on to complete the 300-hour Jivamukti Teacher Training and the 800-hour Advanced Certification program. I am also Pre-Natal certified with Carrie Parker Gastelu.

My classes are a challenging and uplifting experience filled with joy and love.  My teaching focuses on allowing every movement and breath to create total harmony within oneself. Come to class and experience plenty of space to breathe and your own individual newly awakened and refreshed energy!!!

My practice and teaching are a humble offering to my spiritual teacher Philip Budin, and my teachers, Sharon Gannon, David Life and Cassandra Rigney. I am eternally grateful for the support of my ever-loving wonderful husband, Michael and my pure and inspiring children Jacob & Jaya.

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