Vegan Sources of Protein

I am sure like many vegetarians and vegans out there, I have been asked close to a gazillion times about where my protein comes from. I thought this chart was really helpful!! Enjoy 🙂


Marisa’s Healthy Kitchen 2nd Anniversary!

Today is Marisa’s Healthy Kitchen’s 2nd anniversary! I am so surprised that it has already been 2 years!

This last year has been one of the most amazing yet! I am so humbled and inspired by everyone and everything around me!

I went through the 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training, the 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training and I’m almost finished with my 800hr Jivamukti Advanced certification and I’m teaching so much now! We were so lucky to spend almost a month in India and take some other amazing trips as well. I was the Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding in Jamaica! My sister is now engaged to be married this August! And every day just gets more romantic and magical with my beautiful husband! And that is not even counting all the inspiring and extraordinary events that happen every day!!!

Thank you all for reading and showing the love 🙂 I hope you keep enjoying my posts and recipes! Let me know if you make them and what you think.


Last weekend me and some lovely ladies had a super fun trip to Miami! SO much fun, beach time, dinners and dancing! Love my ladies!!!

The Ladies!!!

Of course I did my homework before going to find out some good vegan options for us 🙂 There were many options, so awesome! We only got to hit up a few, but the ones we did were super great!

The first night we went to The Standard for dinner. Although the service was noticeably super slow, we had a great meal outside right on the water! Fabulous! Too bad The Standard NYC’s menu is not vegan friendly at all 😦

We ordered the Mezze Plate (Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Chick Peas & Olives) to share and then I had the deelish Soup (carrot and coconut – indian spiced) and the amazing Living “Lasagna” Terrine, yum!!! For me the highlight is typically the dessert and I was very pleased to have the Vegan Ding Dong! (see pics below)

Also on the menu: Sprouted Grains & Organic Greens Salad  Quinoa and Lentil Live Sprouts and Mixed Greens, Avocado, Julienned Vegetables and Carrot-Ginger Vinaigrette,
Vegan Fritto Misto  Chick Pea Panisse, Baby Artichokes, Mushrooms,
Marinated Tofu + Quinoa with Dried Fruit + Raw Coconut Chutney

Soup du Jour (Usually Vegan) (carrot and coconut)


Living “Lasagna” Terrine Served Cold; Cashew Nut Cheese, Raw Tomato Sauce, Nut & Veg “Sausage”, Squash “Pasta”


Vegan Ding Dong

The next night we had the most amazing meal at Hakkasan!! There was plenty of food for the non-veggie people but for me; we started with the Wild mushroom lettuce wraps and the veggie Dim sum platter. Then we had Tofu claypot in black bean sauce, Stir-fry lotus root and asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper and Stir-fry seasonal Chinese vegetable fried rice. I had never had lily bulbs before and I just Loved them! What an amazing meal!!!! I only got to take a few pictures because we were having the best time so pictures took a back seat 🙂

Stir-fry lotus root and asparagus and lily bulb in black pepper


Stir-fry seasonal Chinese vegetable fried rice


Oprah’s Vegan Challenge!

Oprah is challenging you.  Are you up for accepting the job? No meat, no milk, no animal anything. Oprah and 378 Harpo staffers go vegan for one week.  This is an episode you’ll want to make sure to catch, and to tell all your friends and family about.  Set your recorders now, and forward this on!! This is the year vegan will officially go Mainstream!!
TUNE IN, FEBRUARY 1, 2011 to watch the show.
Image via Ecorazzi

Guests on the show will include the terrific vegan advocate Kathy Freston and anti factory farming author Michael Pollan. Reporter Lisa Ling will give us an inside view of a “beef processing plant” i.e. slaughterhouse.  The more enthusiastic support Oprah gets the better, so please join the discussion. And please send the Oprah show a separate note of support where the show take comments (some of which are read on air.)  You can check here to see when Oprah airs on your local station.



Music has the power to change hearts, minds and consciousness.   History shows there are messages inherent in music that create peaceful and revolutionary change for freedom and civil rights.  Animal Rights Activists/music artists such as Paul McCartney, Emmylou Harris, Morrissey and Moby successfully use music as the message to speak up for animals.

Every decade or so, an extraordinary artist comes along – who carries us to the newest, important musical frontier. “Sharanam” by our friend and animal rights activist Sharon Gannon, is a CD that gives the listener the direct and powerful experience of healing our emotional, spiritual, psychological and ecological disconnection with ourselves and with the world through Sanskrit Mantras.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word that translates to: Man means “mind”, Tra means to “to protect” or “to cross over.” Sharanam means “Refuge.” By listening to and singing with Sharanam’s mantras, we can take refuge, strength and inspiration to change our perception of our ability to create positive change in our world. Sharanam is a healing mantra and prayer offering for all beings- especially animals.

Today, Wednesday October 27, we are requesting your participation in a special offer for this extraordinary CD called “Healing the World with Mantra – Sharanam -” an online campaign.

TODAY 10/27 only, anyone who purchases a copy of Sharanam through will be eligible to receive an array of gifts. Gannon/dp/B002L1AV78/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1287577495&sr=8-2

Many generous friends and supporters have donated excellent, exclusive gifts and prizes to anyone who purchases Sharanam (on Wednesday October 27th only.) As a thank you for participating, Jivamukti Yoga Schools and some of their friends around the world are offering a wide range of cruelty free gifts. These includes:  FREE yoga classes , downloadable CDs and MP3 songs from artists such as world renowned mantra singers Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Cheb I Sabbah, Deva Premal and Miten, Sharon Gannon, David Newman, Sura das,  vegan recipes, discount coupons, plus enter your name for a chance to win amazing prizes (such as a one of a kind Yantra painting!) With over 20 cruelty free gifts and prizes, everyone who buys Sharanam via on October 27 (only) is eligible to receive them.  After you purchase the album, simply enter your order number on the gift page to receive your free gifts:

With your participation in purchasing Sharanam via we want to create a tipping point that will change global consciousness, encouraging healing, freedom, kindness and happiness for all beings – animal and human.To learn more about the album, the campaign, or to redeem your free gifts, please visit:

Vegan in Montreal

For July 4th Weekend Michael and I were in Montreal for our good friend’s wedding! It was such a beautiful and delightful weekend full of love and sunshine! We had an amazing time and I was really impressed by the uber veggie friendliness of the city 🙂 which of course always brings an even bigger smile to my face.


Once we got off the plane and checked into the hotel we set off to meet up with some of the other wedding guests. Beyond wonderfully, they were dining at this little cafe called  Olive + Gourmando in Old Montreal. Complete heaven! There was many a meat dish, but of course once my eyes spotted the Viva Las Vegan sandwich and the Herbivore salad I knew we were somewhere special. Of course I couldn’t make up my mind which to get, but my amazing husband suggested we share them both 🙂 SOO delightful!!  YUM!!

Viva Las Vegan! Such Goodness!

The Herbivore!

Then off to the rehearsal dinner that night at Da Emma, a classic Italian restaurant in Old Montreal. Everything was very meat based yet they did not skip a beat to accommodate me. SO sweet!

On Saturday we went for a 30 or so mile bike ride along the water. (Who knew Montreal was an island??) Gorgeous!! What an absolutely beautiful day and city! Afterwards we stopped for lunch at Cafe Sante Veritas. This to me looked just like a simple lunch place, but really once we met the proprietor and had our food I knew it was so much more! He was so sweet and told me that anything on the menu with a carrot was vegetarian and that he could whip me up anything I wanted to customize as well. I was in heaven with my Wrap de tofu à la tapenade d’olives. (especially after biking for 3 1/2 hours) but this sandwich also came with a side salad. I had ordered a celery and melon juice and my meal came with coffee (and soy milk!) all for $12.39, coming from NYC I was a little in shock!

Michael's Sandwich à la poire et fromage bleu

That evening was the wedding. The couple looked so great, so happy and so in love! Absolute Perfection! At dinner that night they had already told the restaurant that I was vegan so I knew I would be all set. But still the meal I had was one of the best I had ever had at a wedding. I felt really cared for and very loved! Really it was so sweet! I had a deelish salad to start, a spiralized “pasta” with veggies in a scrumptious sauce and a perfect fruit salad for dessert. It was really very thoughtful 🙂

On Sunday we took a nice long walk through the city with some of our friends. I had a whole list of fabulous places to check out of course. We were walking along and I hear Michael telling me that there is a vegan restaurant across the street! Perfection, it was one of the top places on my list, Aux Vivres. AMAZING! I am still thinking about this place and the vegan blt we had! BLT: coconut bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & vegan mayo and we had it in the homemade chapati! YUM! This was so different from the fakin bacon I have had before, and soo good! We also  shared a deelish polenta, beans, guac and salsa dish. Overall just loved this place!

Serious BLT Goodness!!!

That night we made it date night for just the two of us 🙂 We went to another of the top vegan places on my list. Chu Chai (and their sister place called Church) Awesome! The food was delightful! The service slowed a bit as the restaurant began to fill up with lots of diners, but still it was a super great meal!

Amazing Dumplings and Peanut Sauce!

Yummy Pad Kee Mao

SOOOO good!! "Chicken" and Peanut Sauce with Crispy Spinach!

On Monday we spent the day walking around and enjoying the weather. We enjoyed a light snack and deelish teas at Ming Tao Xuan, a vegetarian tea house in Old Montreal and we needed to make one last stop to Cafe Veritas before heading home.

Vegetarian Buns - YUM!!

There are so many other veggie places that we did not get to check out, but we had such a beautiful long weekend and I’m super happy with everything with did do and saw. Now we have some places left for our next romantic trip to Montreal 😉 On the last day when we were walking around we came across Centre Luna Yoga which looked adorable and had Jivamukti Yoga Classes! Next time I will check this place out for sure!

1 great reason to become vegetarian – Guest Post!

I am super excited to welcome Louise from to write a guest post today! See below 🙂

Give me five minutes and I’ll provide you 1 great reason to become vegetarian.

While fish may serve as the most important dietary supply of the long-chain omega-3s eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid, which were shown to be important in supporting brain health, low intake of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid in vegetarians will not adversely affect mood, according to a new research (Nutr J. 2010;9:26. DOI:10.1186/1475-2891-9-26).

A study team from Arizona State University conducted a cross-sectional study to check the mood of vegetarians who never eat fish with the mood of healthy omnivorous adults.

A total of 138 healthy Seventh Day Adventist adults residing in Arizona and California (64 vegetarians and 79 non-vegetarians) were enrolled in the study and completed a health history questionnaire, food frequency questionnaire and two psychometric tests, the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale and the Profile of Mood States..

Vegetarians had significantly lower mean intakes of eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and the omega-6 arachidonic acid; they had higher intakes of the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid and the omega-6 linoleic acid.

“Seed oils are the richest sources of α-linolenic acid, notably those of rapeseed (canola), soybeans, walnuts, flaxseed (Linseed oil), clary sage seeds, perilla, chia, and hemp.”

However, the vegetarians also reported considerably less negative emotion than omnivores in both psychometric tests. Mean total psychometric scores were positively linked to the mean intakes of eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid , and inversely associated with alpha-linolenic acid and linolenic acid intake.

The research team noted there is also the chance that vegetarians may make smarter dietary choices and could generally be healthier and happier.

If you would like to try it out, here is a good example of vegetarian recipe based on Italian cuisine.

Italian Spaghetti with Zucchini


  • 17 oz. Spaghetti
  • 24 oz. Of thin sliced zucchini
  • A half cup of walnuts oil
  • Some basil leaves
  • 2 tablespoons of yeast flakes
  • Salt and pepper

In a skillet or frying pan heat the oil and when hot, add garlic and zucchini. Raise the heat and stir often to finish their cooking. They need to be golden and crispy outside and tender inside. Cook the pasta, drain and sauté in pan with zucchini, basil and yeast. Serve immediately.

***Zucchini contain fewer calories and have no fat. However they are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin e, vitamin c, folate, lutein and zeaxanthin. These types of nutrients are very sensitive to heat and to enjoy their full benefits you need to find a quick method to cook or even eat raw in salads. From the therapeutic viewpoint, zucchini have laxative, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and detoxifying action.

About the Author – Louise Infante writes for the Her personal hobby blog focused entirely on vegetarian cooking tips to help people live better.

Free Yoga in Bryant Park TONIGHT! 6pm

I will be assisting Lisa Dawn tonight at Bryant Park. Come on down for a great free yoga class! FUN!!!

July 1st 6:00-7:00pm tonight!!! Avenue of the Americas between 40th and 42nd

Greet July with a rejuvenating class in the park. Join us for a complimentary and open-level yoga class in Bryant Park, courtesy of Lululemon. Yogini Lisa Angerame will leave you smiling and feeling relaxed.



Help heal the Gulf Coast through
31 minutes of Japa (continuous chanting)

The Global Jivamukti Yoga Tribe

*THIS* Friday June 11th

Meditation will be begin at 8amEST and Chanting at 8:30amEST

We will be holding this event in
Dechen Thurman’s 8am EST Meditation class.
841 Broadway, 2nd fl (13 & 14th)

OR Join us via *SKYPE* by emailing
Eamonn Cunnane at for details

Organized with love by
Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training class of 2010.

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

Even Mario Batali’s Doing It! 14 Top US Restaurants Go Meatless Monday

Meatless Mondays are growing!!! If you have not heard about this initiative, the goal is to help reduce meat consumption 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet. Love it! Click here to read more about it.
I just read this article Veg Daily.  Go Mario!!! The message here is any effort helps. People are not being asked to give up meat all together, but just one day a week to improve people’s health and reduce the carbon footprint, water usage and fuel dependence dramatically. Go for it!

Even Mario Batali’s Doing It! 14 Top US Restaurants Go Meatless Monday

Mario BataliNo stranger to boar sausage, or to a finely braised veal shank, Mario Batali isn’t the first person that comes to mind when you think about vegetables. And that’s what’s so interesting about Batali’s decision to embrace Meatless Monday in all of his 14 restaurants across the country.

“The fact is, most people in the U.S. eat way more meat than is good for them or the planet,’ maintains Batali. “Asking everyone to go vegetarian or vegan isn’t a realistic or attainable goal. But we can focus on a more plant-based diet. That’s why I’m such a big believer in the Meatless Monday movement!’

So how’s he going to do it? Every Monday every one of his 14 restaurants will serve at least two vegetarian options, whether entrees or pastas or pizzas. In addition, many of the restaurants will designate these dishes as Meatless Monday options, using Mario’s new MM logo. With this simple gesture, Mario will send a powerful message to other chefs and restauranteurs that we can all start the week right by eating our veggies.

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