Healthy Baby Food at home


Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray, Green


I do not have children yet, but I am still interested in all things baby! Primarily healthy babies and the food they should be eating. I know making your own baby food is not a new concept, but here is a way to really make it easier. I have already bought the Beaba Baby Cook for some of my new mommy friends and family. It is a wonderful simple little (baby-sized :)) gadget which simplifies the whole making baby food at home process. There are even cute accessories that make it even simpler to help portion and freeze the food once you have made it. My sister-in-law who has gorgeous almost 6 month old twin girls just sent me this fabulous site. There are recipes in here that go beyond the simple steaming and pureeing of a single vegetable or fruit. Fun recipes with great tips! It is so exciting since her girls are just entering the eating ages now!

There are so many great reasons to make your baby’s food whenever possible. The one that I find most compelling is that you can see and know everything you are giving your child. This is why I make most of the meals for my husband and I. Plus you are also putting that extra bit of love in too which will go directly to your children and/or husband!

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