I love Rockin’ Raw!

Seriously Look at this Garden!

I love Rockin’ Raw. 718-599-9333 178 North 8th Street (btwn Bedford & Driggs) Williamsburg.I met some fabulous ladies there for dinner last night. It was only their 13th day of their soft opening and everything went super smooth! I am always perpetually early and my girlfriends are typically late, but as I was sitting in that magical garden waiting, I had no complaints at all. I loved it! The outdoor garden feels like you are in someone’s backyard but you also have the benefit of a phenomenal meal!

We started off with the N’awlins Rings. They were amazing; sweet and spicy, mmmm! I ordered the Louisiana Gumbo with “sausage -ñ-” and cauliflower rice.” It was so good. The rice was great and the texture, consistency, and spice of the gumbo was fabulous. I really felt like I was eating a cooked dish! Plus how often do you see raw okra? My friends ordered the Tallarines Verdes de La Lala (live pasta in Peruvian pesto style sauce) with Caramelized Plantains (OMG Yum!) and the Rockin’ ROLL with jicama, avocado, cauliflower (served with horseradish sauce, pickled ginger and cucumber). I had some of the pasta and it was great. I always find that zucchini pasta is delightful depending on the sauce and this was such a tasty and cheesy pesto! I was the only one to get dessert, as I could not pass it up when I am at such a fabulous raw restaurant. I had the heavenly Cookies & Cream Milk Shake made from nut milk, agave and little bites of cacao nibs, super good!!

We met Tere, the owner who was also our server and a delight. She was so sweet and explained everything for us including recommendations.

I love that they use nuts, but very sparingly there. I sometimes feel that raw restaurants go a little heavy on the nuts and the food becomes a little too dense and decadent for me. Of course I always enjoy the taste factor, but I am also more concerned about how I feel afterwards. The food at Rockin’ Raw was flavored mostly with veggies, which I can always appreciate and love the taste of! They even make a point to mark the items that are made with the nuts on the menu.

Overall, it was a great experience. Delicious food, great company, gorgeous and relaxing garden, nothing better! I highly recommend checking this welcoming place out. Their official Grand Opening is the weekend of June 27th. Enjoy!!

Oh and they are applying for their liquor license, so hopefully it will not be that far away 🙂

Update: The Grand Opening Party was so much fun! They were serving lots of HD’s from the menu and some previews that are going to be added later on. Thanks Tere! It was such a nice night 🙂

Louisiana Gumbo

 Photo Coutesy of The Discerning Brute, see his review here 

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  2. Sophia
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 13:46:26

    What a fun site to look through. I am making a change in my eating habits and really want to incorporate flavorful & nutritious foods. I really believe a healthy diet does not need to be without taste. When I was looking at the Louisiana Gumbo pictured I drooled!!! By the way, what is that white/cheese like looking topping?

    Thanks so much for a wonderful blog, I look forward to following it 🙂


    • marisashealthykitchen
      Jan 11, 2011 @ 13:52:51

      Thanks Sophia!! Good for you to make changes in your diet! And as you see I do not believe you have to give up taste to have a super healthy and vegan diet, yum! I am such a foodie!!!! It is cauliflower rice on the Gumbo! YUM! Everything there is sooooo tasty!

      Thanks for following! Let me know if you try any of the dishes and how your new “diet” is going 🙂


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