Sunshine Joy Soup

sunshine soup

I love Natalia Rose and often find myself going back to her advice and her recipes. Here is a recipe for a go-to soup that she has in her book The Raw Food Detox Diet. She suggests having it as a snack or a meal. I thought it was enough for a meal, but I do like her suggestion of having it 30+ minutes before another meal. The soup was divine, I just loved it! It is super sweet, yet you know you are getting all that alfalfa and kale goodness. Like so many raw recipes, all that is required is to clean & cut the ingredients and then throw them in your Vitamix or blender and you are ready to enjoy! So simple and perfect!

Sunshine Joy Soup

2-3 servings
1 cup organic alfalfa sprouts
6 organic dates
2 cups fresh pineapple
3 leaves fresh kale, removed from stem
1-2 tablespoons packed fresh mint

Blend until very smooth. You may want to blend a few ice cubes as well so that the mixture does not heat up while blending. The soup is best when served immediately, but will last in refrigerator for 2 days.

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