Windsor Castle Goes Vegan For 24 Hours

Windsor Castle Goes Vegan For 24 Hours As They Celebrate Faith And The Environment

See this clip below from Vegdaily. SO cool!!!!!

You heard correct! Windsor Castle is going vegan for 24 hours in honor of a special banquet of 200 bigwigs, including UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon, the Grand Mufti of Egypt and Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa, President of the All Africa Conference of Churches.

The event was planned by the Duke of Edinburgh and the UN Development Program as part of “the Celebration of Faiths and the Environment.”

Because the guest list includes people with various dietary restrictions, the Duke decided it would just be easier to make the whole darn thing vegan. And we can’t forget that part of the evening is about celebrating the environment. What better way than with some plant-powered cuisine!?

Sophie Douglas-Bate, managing director of Edible — one of only two caters approved by the Castle — said, “I thought, we’d be serving up a lettuce leaf. I’ve never done vegan before. But it’s been fun, a challenge for the whole team.”

We approve! To learn more about this vegantastic event, visit!


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