Liver/Gallbladder Flush

Yestrday I  finished up my second Liver/Gallbladder Flush. I first learned about the Liver/Gallbladder Flush about 3 years ago from my wonderful friend Katherine Irby. She is an amazing licensed acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner and she conducts a spring cleaning every April, which includes this flush. ( I did this flush for the first time 3 years ago with Katherine and found it really successful. I eat mostly raw and love going on cleanses. I am on a mission to be pure and cleanse myself inside and out.

Although you may feel a little queasy during this cleanse, I think it is so important as it will help you optimize your health. I feel great knowing that I am getting rid of these gallstones from my body. I also feel extra successful because you actually see them leaving your body!

I feel really good about doing this flush because I know there are so many problems and diseases associated with having a fatty liver. By doing a gallbladder flush you take steps to restore your liver and improve your health. You can improve digestion, have more energy and vitality, improve emotional health, and have a younger body, a clearer mind, and a better life.

If you are interested below is what I did this weekend:

On Saturday I ate a normal breakfast and lunch. Three hours after I took two teaspoons of Epsom salts dissolved in one ounce of hot water. The taste was pretty unpleasant but I followed it up a little freshly squeezed citrus juice. Two hours later, I repeated this process. I had citrus fruits and freshly squeezed citrus juices for my evening meal. At bedtime, I had 1/2 cup of unrefined olive oil blended with 1/2 cup of citrus juice mix. I know it sounds intense, but using a straw to drink the mixture makes it so much more tolerable. After drinking the oil/citrus mixture I lied down immediately in bed on right side with my knees pulled up close to my chest for 30 minutes. I watched a movie with my husband so it really wasn’t so awful. Sunday morning, one hour before I ate breakfast, I took two teaspoons of Epsom salts dissolved in two ounces of hot water. It did not hurt when they come out as you are eliminating, but you might feel a bit queasy, but it is manageable. I was at home most of the day because I did not want to risk being in a public restroom, but I pretty much felt fine and ate a normal breakfast and lunch.

** I would suggest doing the flush on a Saturday evening so you can spend Sunday comfortably in your house. It is advisable to stay home the day you pass the stones. It is also advisable to do the flush in the evening so that you can go directly to bed.

** Do not drink liquids after you drink the oil until the next day.

If you are looking for more information, please read, ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’ by Andreas Moritz. This book outlines how to do the flush.

It is advised that you consult with a licensed health care professional when considering doing this cleanse.

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