The July Summer Cleanse Fun

It’s that time again! Summer Cleansing Fun!! A cleanse is for assisting the body to clean out anything that needs removing. Then replacing it with something beneficial for the body and spirit.

I have done many a cleanse in my life. If you want to read more; see My 100% Raw Month (which I continued for many months!) and one excerpt on a 10-day Juice Feast and a post on a Liver/Gallbladder Flush.

I am planning a group cleanse for all of us! You can do as little or as much or none of it as you like, but I think it would be great to connect us all.

Here is how the cleanse will work:
7/5-7/11 – Raw Foods Diet — this will help prepare you and your body for juice cleansing, and will also work to purify your body & mind
7/12-7/17 – Juice Cleanse – 1-6 days long, however long you want to juice for. If you stop before the 6th day, just continue with Raw Foods (If you are in NYC we will be organizing a group juice cleanse through BLUEPRINT CLEANSE and should receive 15% off 🙂 )
7/18-7/25 – Raw Food Diet – this is a great transition from the juice cleanse and will continue to purify your body & mind

It would also be great to have an intention during this cleanse to make it that much more powerful! I am thinking a two-part intention:
1. With my Jivamukti Teacher Training Peeps, we are going to honor and thank our beautiful and gracious teachers Sharonji and Davidji …. But of course honor and show gratitude to any special teacher in your life who has helped you!
2. Bringing awareness to living a Vegan Lifestyle. So even if you or other people involved are not vegan, it will be a conscious effort to practice Ahimsa (non-violence and kindness to others) during this time.

**Please let me know if you are interested in The July Summer Cleanse Fun** 🙂

I will be updating on here with new information about how to order juice if you are in NYC, recipes and additional cleansing we can do during this time as I put this together.

And of course please invite others you think would be interested as well!

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