Raw Chocolate Pudding

I find that I come back to Natalia Rose’s books time and time again and always love her recipes. I have made Chocolate Pudding with an avocado before and it comes out divine (it does not taste like an avocado, only gets the creaminess from it) but I have been wanting to use more and more Young Coconuts. Love them! So here is the take on Chocolate Pudding with young coconut meat. Plus once you open the coconuts you get the water; which is the Nectar of God! It is so delicious, nutritious and very healing! mmmm Of course you can get bottled coconut water, but there is nothing like the real thing!

This was so amazing! My husband and I both had scratchy throats and this was so soothing and perfect for us! This is something to enjoy all the time; so easy and so good!

chocolate pudding

Raw Chocolate Pudding
Recipe from Natalia Rose’s  The Raw Food Detox Diet

Makes about 2 cups

Meat of 2 coconuts
6 dates
4 tablespoons Pure cocoa powder

Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Deeeelish!!!

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