Souen Organic Macrobiotic Restaurant

Souen Organic Macrobiotic Restaurant 212-627-7150 28 East 13th St. (btwn University and Fifth Ave.) & 212-807-7421 210 6th Ave. @Prince St

Soeun never disappoints and has been a favorite restaurant of mine for many years. I am not alone in that either as the restaurant is normally full with happy and hungry diners and many times has a wait. I have eaten many of the vegetarian items on the menu and have always been wonderfully satisfied. The food is simple and healthy all while managing to be delicious. I am all about the healthy vegan food. You can get total macrobiotic simple foods, fun curry and noodle dishes. I think it is fabulous that although they adhere to macrobiotic cooking they serve fish dishes and even some fried foods. When picking a restaurant to dine, it always helps when there is some food like this for friends and family to keep an open mind. Everyone I have taken here has really enjoyed their meal. I love the vibe of this place. The food, the atmosphere and the faint smell of green juice 🙂 it may not be for everyone, but I am sold!

I always get the deelish Mu Tea which has licorice, ginseng, peony root and dozen other flower and plant essences in it. Divine! The home-made seitan is great! (pictured) I have heard from other friends that their sushi is super fresh and sooo good! Plus I have seen several meat eaters enjoy the fish entrees with zeal, so it must be tasty! I typically order one of their abundant salads or get the Macro Plate (pictured). But I have tried so many of the appetizers and some noodle dishes and loved them too. There is always a big board with specials and desserts (YUM!) to choose from too.

A few months back (sorry it took me so long!) I came here with 2 of my fabulous ladies, Yi-Ching and Rae. Yi-Ching, the amazing photographer took pictures of our meal so we could show to you. Thanks ladies! We need to do this again soon 🙂

In March 2009 they opened a Ramen shop. I have wanted to take part in the Ramen craze that is everywhere around me in NYC but have not been able to since everything is also surrounded by pork there! haha! I am beyond excited to get over to the noodle shop to partake finally!  Souen Organic Ramen (212) 388-1155  326 East Sixth Street

Planet Platter or Macro Platter

Home-made Seitan

Carrot Ginger Dressing, so good!

Veggie Curry

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