Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training

Sorry to be MIA, but I am away at the most amazing Yoga Teacher Training ever!! I didn’t mention it but I went through a 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher training in January which was really great. AND Now I am at my beloved Jivamukti Teacher Training in gorgeous Rhinebeck, NY for the month. The schedule leaves almost zero time for personal stuff so I won’t be updating till after I get home. But I couldn’t resist letting  you all know about how fabulous my training is and how AMAZING the vegan deliciousness is at Omega Institute, so blessed and yummmmmmm!!!

I feel so lucky to be in the most beautiful location and learning from such amazing teachers!

See you all when I get back 🙂 Have the most wonderful month of love, light and lots of sunshine!

Sharon Gannon and David Life - our wonderful teaches and founders of Jivamutki Yoga

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